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Film Stock Calculator for Mac: Version 0.1 Released

We have created a new version of the Film Stock Calculator that will run on Mac OS X and was implemented using Cocoa and Objective-C.

Posted by Moonwink 2007-10-05

Mac Version in Development

We are currently getting started on a Mac version of the Film Stock Calculator. This will be a similar version to the Java applet already released, and similar to the PC version that has not been posted yet.

Posted by Moonwink 2007-08-05

Beta 2 Released

We have just released beta 2 and it has one new feature added by Jason Rusoff. There is a new table in place to display the output results.

Posted by Moonwink 2003-11-21

History of Film Stock Calculator

The Film Stock Calculator was originally part of a Film Production Budgeting application and was originally written in Visual Basic in 1998 by Larry Aasen. I realized early on that a web based version of the program would be idea for those who didn't want a full scale budgeting program. I ported the VB version to Java using J++ in 1999 and placed it on my website. It created lots of web traffic and was useful to many starting out in the film industry.... read more

Posted by Moonwink 2003-11-08