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FileZilla Server 0.8.5 released

This version fixed two minor security holes:
- all users could delete empty directories
- files could be moved over account boundaries

Here's the complete list of changes:

new features:
- Added server menu to interface with Active and Lock items (same funcionality as the first two icons)

fixed bugs:
- Users without delete permission could delete empty directories
- Files could be renamed over account boundaries
- Locking the server did not work
- Default width of users pane was zero if starting the interface on low resolution (800x600 or fewer) monitors.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2003-06-01

FileZilla Server 0.8.4 released

To major new features have been implemented in the new version of FileZilla Server:
Speed limits and user groups

The other new features are:
- Support for Kerberos GSSAPI authentication
- Transfer buffer size can now be set

Posted by Tim Kosse 2003-05-29

FileZilla 2.1.6 released

New features:
- added SSH protocol and compression selection for SFTP transfers
- added minimize to tray button
- some interface improvements, including xp theme awareness
- the IP address used for active mode transfers can be specified. Hostnames are also supported.
- quickconnect history will be remembered between sessions

Fixed bugs:
- fixed crash if resuming files larger than 4 GB
- fixed crash and improved compatibility with some servers in the directory listing parser
- Some problems with the SSL code have been fixed.
- now using the STLport library, the STL implementation of Microsoft was responsible for a lot of crashes and other misbehaviour.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2003-04-18

FileZilla 2.1.5 released

FileZilla is a fast FTP client for Windows with a lot of features. This release provides a number of new features and bugfixes.

New features:
- added statusbar to local and remote file list which shows the number of (selected) folders and files with their size
- added remote group / owner column
- sort settings of fileviews can be saved
- Aborting file exists dialog now skips transfer
- enlarged transfer buffer, high-speed FTP transfers should be slightly faster now.
- renamed gssapi.dll into FzGSS.dll. If you have gssapi.dll from older version in your FileZilla folder, you can delete it.
- improved exception handling
- updated to OpenSSL version 0.9.7a... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2003-03-24

FileZilla Server 0.8.3 released

Finally another version of this FTP server has been released.
New in this version are remote administration and logging to file.

Fixed bugs:
- F2 to rename user accounts / dirs in users dialog now works correctly
- sometimes files sent to clients were not sent correctly

Posted by Tim Kosse 2003-02-08

FileZilla 2.1.4 released

It has been a long time since last release, but finally a new version has arrived, adding some interface improvements and useful bugfixes.
New features:
- added "Connect and bypass proxy settings" item to quickconnect menu
- added browse for folder button to local folder field in Sitemanager
- Backspace can be used to go up one folder
- added simplified chinese
- directory listing parser now supports numerical listings and the format VShell server sends.... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2003-01-31

FileZilla Server 0.8.1 has been released

Another version of FileZilla Server has been released. This version fixes some bugs of 0.8.0 and includes a settings converter due to popular request to convert the settings from FileZilla 0.7.4 and earlier versions.

Here's the complete list of changes:
new features:
- added settings converter due to popular request

fixed bugs:
- not all account settings could be read correctly from xml file
- fixed some bugs in the server <--> interface protocol
- fixed buffer overflow in server side admin socket class
- some minor fixes... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2003-01-03

FileZilla Server 0.8.0 has been released

Another version of this powerful FTP Server has been released. From now on, FileZilla Server can run as service under WinNT based operating systems (NT4, 2K and XP). Also, the server interface now runs in a different process, so that I'll be able to implement remote administration in the next version. Of course, FileZilla Server still works well under Win9x (i.e. 95, 98(SE) and ME).

Happy new year,
Tim... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2003-01-01

FileZilla Server 0.75 X-mas release

A special test version of FileZilla Server has been released.
New in this version:
FileZilla Server now runs as system service and the user interface has been moved into a different program so that the server can run on NT4/5/5.1 without any user logged on.

For details, please read the readme.txt

You can download this special version from read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-12-23

FileZilla 2.1.3 released

Another version of FileZilla has been released. New in this version: Speed limits. FileZilla is a fast FTP client for Windows with a lot of features. FileZilla Server is a reliable FTP server.

Here's the complete list of changes:
New features:
- added Speed Limit settings (written by Roman Ruckschloss)
- SiteManager can be configures to not expand folder on start and to sort folders before sites (written by Jonathon Merz)
- added dropdown menu to Sitemanager button in toolbar (written by Roman Ruckschloss)
- added Traditional Chinese language files
- added EPLF directory listing parser... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-12-06

Important fix: FileZilla Server 0.7.4

It's highly recommended to upgrade to version 0.7.4 of FileZilla server, as this version fixes a GDI-resource leak the could be used for a Denial-of-Service attack.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-11-18

FileZilla 2.1.1 released

New features:
- now verifying SSH Host key during authentication with SFTP server
- simple Ident Server for FTP servers which required ident running on the user's machine
- new multilingual setup program
Fixed bugs:
- some issues with the transfer queue, did abort queue too early and queue data could get mixed up
- SFTP speed slightly increased
- No longer asking every time FileZilla starts whether to use the registry or the XML file on Win9x systems
- some compatibility issues with some uncommon servers
- minor changes, mostly small bugfixes

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-10-07

Official IRC channel has moved

FileZilla has moved due to problems with the old network. #FileZilla can now be found on

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-10-07

FileZilla 2.0.0 released

I'm proud to announce FileZilla 2.0.0, which now offers a really major feature:
FileZilla 2.0.0 can transfer multiple files at once

Here's the list of changes compared to version 1.9.9:

new features:
- multiple simultaneous transfers
- A single dot in the list of ascii file extensions specifies all files without extension
- faster queue loading/saving
- added bulgarian and hungarian translation

fixed bugs:
- some compatibility fixes in directory listing parser
- rename option had no effect in file exists dialog
- manual transfer could crash FileZilla
- local file list did not update when a new directory was created during downloads

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-09-03

FileZilla 1.9.9a and official IRC channel

FileZilla 1.9.9a has been released which contains an Italian language file and fixes some bugs (see below)
Also, FileZilla now has an official IRC channel: #filezilla on DALnet. Come if you need help with FileZilla or if you just want to talk. I'll try to be there as often as possible.

Still reading and not in #filezilla? ;-) OK, here's the complete list of changes in 1.9.9a:

New features:
- added italian translation... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-07-21

FileZilla 1.9.9 with SFTP support released

With version 1.9.9, FileZilla finally supports the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).

Here's the complete list of changes:
new features:
- added SFTP support
- remote files can be edited directly with the programs specified in the settings
- now multi-line directory listings (some VMS servers use them) are supported
- site manager tree now scrolls when dragging items around
- added secure mode, set "HKCU\Software\FileZilla\Run In secure Mode" or "HKLM\Software\FileZilla\Run In secure Mode" to 1 to enable it or run the installer.
- "always show hidden files" option... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-07-07

SFTP support in FileZilla: Next beta released

New in this beta: File transfers and directory creation. If you have problems with this beta, please send me your feedback.
See the beta page for more details:
Please check the beta page regularly because I may release the next beta versions without further notice.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-06-14

SFTP support in FileZilla: Beta released.

The first beta of FileZilla with SFTP support has been released, it can be found on the new beta page:
Please check the beta page regularly because I may release the next beta versions without further notice.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-06-11

SFTP support: Progress report

Good news! Progress is going well. FileZilla can already connect to SFTP servers. (but nothing else yet)
As soon as it's possible to browse directories, I'll start to publish beta versions so that you can test it yourself.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-06-10

FileZilla 1.9.8 released

New features:
- current server will be shown in title bar
- manual download enhanced, it's now called manual transfer, can be completely customized for both uploads and downloads.
- improved speed of local file list when refreshing
- extremely fast refresh of local file list after file downloads or when deleting files
- new transparent socket layer classes, should fix remaining problems with SOCKS4/5 and HTTP 1.1 proxies ... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-06-07

Important fix: FileZilla Server 0.7.1

This version fixes a security hole discovered in FileZilla Server, it's important that you upgrade to the latest version.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-05-25

FileZilla 1.9.7 released

fixed bugs:
- fixed the "Authentication failed" Kerberos GSS problem under Win98
- remote file list now refreshes after changing file attributes
- fixed reconnect remembering incorrect passwords
- minor fixes

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-05-12

FileZilla Server version 0.7 released

This version fixes all known bugs and slightly improves performance.
new Winsock wrapper class, should increase performance a little bit
prepared the use of format specifications in welcome message. If you had used a custom welcome message before using version 0.7, you would have to reenter the message.
fixed bugs:
fixed problem with LIST and NLST command and parameters
files are now stored with the names passed with the STOR command, no longer all lowercase
correct handling of quoted arguments

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-05-11

SFTP (FTP over SSH) will come

For the next version of FileZilla, the SFTP protocol (FTP over SSH) will be implemented. I'll use PuTTY as SSH client. I've already looked into the source of PuTTY (PSFTP in particular) and it should be not a large problem to add it to FileZilla.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-04-28

FileZilla 1.9.5 released

new features:
- remote directory tree
- option to remember local and remote column widths
- option to customize display of filesizes
fixed bugs:
- some minor interface problems
- fixed some GSS and SSL bugs
- some crashes reported by users

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-04-25