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FileZilla 1.9.4 released

This new version adds basic SSL certificate verification and fixes some bugs.

Here's the complete list of changes:
new features:
- basic SSL certificate verification
- show hidden files (dotfiles) option in main menu
- added exception report generation
fixed bugs:
- after 30 seconds FileZilla took the default values for options
- support for files larger than 2GB

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-04-11

FileZilla Server version 0.4 released

This versions fixes all known bugs

new features:
- APPE and QUIT command added
fixed bugs:
- sometimes permissions could not be retrieved due to a bug in GetRealDirectory(), permission was always denied.
- when using APPE or "REST x" (x!=0), it was possible to upload new files in folders with append permission but no write permission.
- fixed some minor bugs

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-03-30

Version 1.9.2 of FileZilla released

new features:
resolving hostname asynchronously
fixed bugs:
download of multiple selected files and folders failed
remote file list did not refresh on delete

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-03-24

FileZilla 1.9 released

new featuress:
- SSL support using OpenSSL
- Showing "Empty directory listing" when there are no files within a remote directory

fixed bugs:
- using the delete key no longer deletes a site in the Site Manager when the Sitetree is not selected
- Fixed a problem where a transfer could stall until timeout.
- fixed problem with incorrect remote file dates
- remote file list gets automatically refreshed when unknown entries are present (files with ??? as size/date/time for example)

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-03-17

Happy Birthday FileZilla

Today the FileZilla project is exactly one year old.
Since project registration (which wass also the date of the first release), 22 versions of FileZilla have been released and 5 versions of FileZilla Server. It has been hard work but in general it was a great year and FileZilla became quite popular.
I've improved FileZilla beyond everything I could imagine when I first started with FileZilla. Looking back at FileZilla alpha 1 again, you can see that it was nothing more than a very basic ftp client to upload/download single filles which didn't even work correctly. The source code of FileZilla alpha 1 was only 6.277 lines (that still very much for most users).
Now the source if over 35.000 lines, which is more than 5 times as large. It supports all types of FTP servers I know of, has an user interface which is very easy to use and currently I'm adding SSL support. For the future I'm planning sftp support and the ability to transfer multiple files at once.... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-02-27

SSL support coming

The next version of FileZilla will contain SSL support. SSL will be supported using OpenSSL.
I've already managed to compile OpenSSL and now I'm writing an OpenSSL wrapper class for FileZilla.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-02-24

FileZilla 1.8.1

FileZilla 1.8.1 fixes some problems:
- OpenVMS compatibility
- passive mode not working correctly
- crash when choosing properties from the local file list when there was no file/folder/drive selected

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-02-09

FileZilla 1.8 released

It has been some time since the last release, but finally there's FileZilla v1.8.
This is new:
- ftp api rewritten
- new interface to ftp api
- directory cache
- added internal options cache, increases performance
- added HTTP1.1 and SOCKS4A proxy support
- support for single-line (Open)VMS directory listing
- several bug fixes

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-02-04

Happe new Year (and progress report)

Happy new year to all of you.

FileZilla has become a well-known FTP client in the last year, it can compete against most commercial clients. Version after version was release, each of them with new features and improvements. The new year won't be much different: FileZilla will be improved even further.

Currently I'm working on a directory cache and a remote directory tree. The cache already works more or less.
I'm also writing a new Interface to the FileZilla-api.
The new api will be much more flexible:
- Support for other protocols (such as SFTP using SSH2)
- Blocking and nonblocking mode
- COM Interface
Using the blocking mode and the COM interface you would be able use the api in console programs and in .ASP scripts.... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-01-01

FileZilla Server 0.3 released

new features:
- ip limit per user
- users can be renamed
- transfer count and rate will be displayed
- NOOP command implemented
enhanced features:
- speed of directory listings improved
fixed bugs:
- timeouts weren't calculated properly

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-11-26

FileZilla 1.7b released

In FileZilla 1.7, you can now create folders in the SiteManager and a Spanish translation has been added.
FileZilla can now parse even the strange directory listing some servers send and the speed at which the remote file list shows up has increased much.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-11-24

FileZilla 1.6 released

Even more features have found it's way into FileZilla. This time they all improve the user interface of FileZilla. Here's a list:
- window size and position can be remembered
- the tab key now switches between the views
- new keyboard shortcuts (see documentation for more details)
- import and export of queue items
- added queue section to main menu
- CHMOD of multiple files and folders at once
- added context menu to local treeview
- "manual download" entry in transfer menu
- added polish language file
As always, there are also a few bug fixes:
- local directory was reset to "\" on refresh
- "don't remember password" setting did not effect reconnect to server
- upload crash when using active mode SOCKS4/5 transfers

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-10-16

FileZilla Server 0.2 released

This new version fixes a really huge amount of bugs. Now the server runs very stable (did run several days under medium load without problems until Windows crashed).
Now you can also kick users and change the number of worker threads at runtime.
Please see the readme.htm for a complete list of all changes.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-10-11

FileZilla 1.4 released

What's new? See yourself:
-overwrite if newer option in the FileExists dialog
-local files can be opened
-added documentation

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-08-30

FileZilla 1.2 released

Again a new version with some interesting new features and it fixes all reported bugs:
- support for NT servers which use the MS-DOS like directory listing
- replaced the edit field over the ftp view with a combo box
- You can switch between details, list, large icons and small icons style of the list views.
- In details style, you can show/hide most columns
- crashes due to a bug in CSplitterWnd fixed
- file transfers in passive mode fixed
- bug in transfer code. Input file for uploads was not opened sometimes

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-07-19

FileZilla version 1.1 released

Again it's release time! This time there are again a lot of new features:
- totally rewritten thread and FTP api classes. Now using asynchronous sockets.
- support for ascii mode transfer
- options page for the interface settings. Interface settings can be remembered

For the full list of changes please read the readme.html

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-07-11

FileZilla Server version 0.1 beta released

There are a lot of new features within this release of FileZilla Server.
- options dialog
- timeout and no transfer timeout
- port selection
- number of threads can be selected
- max number of users
- user-specific bypass max user and local max user setting
- all connected users are displayed on the right pane of the main window
- added systray icon
- bounce attack / fxp protection
- ABOR command implemented
- now only one file transfer and one directory listing can be active at the same time, so you can still browse the server during file transfers.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-07-02

FileZilla Server makes huge step!

FileZilla Server version 0.0.2 alpha has been released. FZ Server now support all commands needed for working on a FTP server.

Here's a list of new features:
- non relative paths
- file transfers
- PASV mode support
- delete files and directory
- create directories
- renaming of files/dirs

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-06-24

First release of FileZilla server

I'm glad to announce the first version of FileZilla Server, a new FTP client for Windows. This first alpha version demonstrates the basic functions of the FTP server. Please read the readme.htm!

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-06-20

FileZilla leaves beta status!

FileZilla is no longer beta! The first final version has been released. Here's a list of new features:
- file attributes on the server can be changed (CHMOD command)
- active connections can now be copied into the Site Manger over the menu
- the total size of the queue is displayed on the right side of the statusbar
- added "upload / download as..." entries to the context menus. With it you can enter a different account that will be used for the transfer.... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-06-12

FileZilla beta 2.1 has been released!

Here's again a new version of FileZilla. Here's a partial list of the new features:
- import and export of all Site Manager entries
- download of folders with all files and subfolders
- folders with all files and subfolders can be deleted
- directories can be created
- added localization support

I've also release the first language DLL for FileZilla. Mail me if you want to translate FileZilla into your language.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-06-01

Important bugfix for FileZilla

Beta 2.2 of FileZilla fixes a serious bug in FileZilla: In Beta 2.1 the menu stopped responding or disappeared on Win98 after entering the options dialog.
It also fixes another small bug: The items of the treeview in the options were not translated if using a language DLL.

Thanks to Anders Sjolander for reporting both bugs.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-06-01

FileZilla Beta 2.0 released

A new version of FileZilla has been released, with tons of new and updated features for this great FTP client. Here's a partial list:
new features:
- now whole directories can be uploaded at once
- added drag&drop
- files and directories from the explorer can be copied or uploaded via drag & drop
- added installer
- added SOCKS4/5 proxy support
- it's now possible to rename files

enhanced features:
- extended URL handling in the quickconnect bar and in the Site Manager
- added default remote dir to Site Manager
better timeout detection
- improved retry logic... read more

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-05-06

Beta 1.0 released

Beta 1.0 of FileZilla has been released. It has a bunch of new features:
- Added download queue
- Added support for links on ftp sites
- Local Views updated. Now operating through
threads. Overall performance should be better
now, especially with large folders
- the content of the status pane can be copied
to clipboard
- added editbox to quickly see and change remote
- fixed bug in Site Manager. Didn't check for
multiple names in the list.
- passwords are now encrypted
- added disconnect, reconnect and refresh buttons
- fixed some icon displaying bugs
- fixed some minor bugs and memory leaks

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-04-12

FileZilla Alpha 1.2 released!

New features are:
- a Site Manager
- a Keep Alive system and timeout detection
- options dialog and firewall support

See the readme.txt for a complete list of changes.

Alpha 1.2 should be the last alpha version. Next version will be beta 1. It will include a download queue. No releasedate yet.

Posted by Tim Kosse 2001-03-16

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