FileZilla 1.9.8 released

New features:
- current server will be shown in title bar
- manual download enhanced, it's now called manual transfer, can be completely customized for both uploads and downloads.
- improved speed of local file list when refreshing
- extremely fast refresh of local file list after file downloads or when deleting files
- new transparent socket layer classes, should fix remaining problems with SOCKS4/5 and HTTP 1.1 proxies

Fixed bugs:
- fixed MKD on some *NIX servers
- fixed "Connect to default site" on Win9x
- fixed file list sorting with selected items
- remote file list was not updated when deleting a directory which contained uppercase characters
- fixed reconnect issues when using multiple instances of FileZilla
- correct local folder will be set if "Open Site Manager each time FileZilla starts" is checked
- some minor bugs and glitches

Posted by Tim Kosse 2002-06-07

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