v0.5.8.5562: WinFVC and enhancements to FV++ included.

The v0.5.8.5562 testing release brings the following additions:

WinFVC: a graphical front end to FVC. WinFVC is not meant to be a standalone program, but is used in conjunction with the shell extension (and isn't very useful without such). WinFVC gives the ability to verify hash files without needing to launch FileVerifier++. WinFVC can verify hashes within multiple files, even recursively down several subdirectories. A means in which to create a hash file using the algorithm, format, and filename of choice (as well as a search pattern) is provided.

WinFVC, unlike the rest of the components, requires the Microsoft .NET framework, 2.0 or later.

Also, the ability to customize the columns displayed in FV++ has been added. Columns may be hidden from view, and the ordering of the columns may also be changed (via. a new section in the Preferences dialog).

A couple of memory leaks have been fixed, in which one of those fixes will result in a significant decrease in the amount of memory used by the application when processing extremely large numbers of files.

Some performance enhancements to the UI have also been made, which are mostly apparent when working with extremely large sets of hashes.

See the CHANGELOG for further details.

Posted by Tom Bramer 2008-12-21

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