v0.5.1.5014: Minor update to v0.5.0.

FileVerifier++ v0.5.1.5014 Release Notes:

v0.5.1 is a minor update to v0.5.0, which fixes a pattern matching issue with the Advanced Processing dialog.
Patterns used in the Advanced Processing dialog are now treated more like Unix patterns, in the sense that a *
will match a period (.). Most patterns should be the same, but if one wants to match all files, one should use *,
instead of *.*, as *.* doesn't match files without extensions.

For more about what has been changed, see the CHANGELOG.

Changes with v0.5.1.5014:
* A bug was discovered with pattern matching in the Advanced Processing dialog. To make
pattern matching simpler, the pattern is treated more like a Unix pattern, in that * and ?
will match a period (.). The main implication is that * should be used in place of *.*, but
most other patterns like *.exe should be the same between the two schemes.
* When launching FV++ from the shell by opening a registered hash file, the file format type
was not being correctly retained, which caused the save operation to save an existing file
in the MD5SUMS format, irrespective of the already existing format. This has been corrected.
* It is now possible to use the clipboard copy operation with the message log window. Previously,
attempts to do so resulted in invoking the hash entry clipboard copy operation as opposed
to copying the text from the text box. The Ctrl-C accelerator now also operates based on
what control has the keyboard's focus. Paste and cut will always apply to the hash entry
buffer though.

Posted by Tom Bramer 2008-08-16

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