Custom file comments now supported.

With the release of FileVerifier++ v0.5.2.5113, many changes have come. Here are some of the major highlights for this release:

* Support for custom comments. It is now possible to change the comment written to hash files by FV++. One now has the option of choosing a custom default comment, as well as having the program prompt for a custom comment with each file save, as well as a preference for preserving comments in existing files, or overwriting them with a user-defined comment.

* New compiler for releases. Previous releases had been compiled with GCC 3.4.5, whereas they will now be built with GCC 4.3.0. With this, releases will also be linked against libstdc++ instead of STLport. The main advantage is that setting up Boost for compilation is much less painful. However, building FV++ will require a build of libstdc++ with proper wchar_t support.

* FVC can be built on other operating systems than MS-Windows. While such has not been well tested, it does seem to work for the most part.

* FVC now supports the -d option, for specifying a custom comment for generated hash files.

* A few bugs with the MD5SUM parser have been fixed, along with a problem that inhibits comment display in the Message Log. Only the first 10 errors will be reported to the message log. For CSV, SFV, and MD5SUM formatted files, partial loading now works, so if any hash records are detected, they will be loaded, irrespective of parsing errors.

* Many other build system changes.

See the Changelog for more details.

Posted by Tom Bramer 2008-08-27

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