Includes FVC, Command Line FileVerifier++

New for (testing release):
FVC - a preliminary command line hash calculator/verifier. When installing via. MSI package, FVC's location will be automatically added to one's PATH variable for invocation. Some usage examples:

To hash all files within a certain directory and save the output in MD5SUM format:
cd \some\directory
fvc -a MD5 -f MD5SUM -r -c *.* -o CHECKSUMS.MD5

To verify the hashes in that file against the file system:

If you use a standard file extension recognized by the GUI application (i.e. *.MD5, *.SHA1, *.SFV, *.FVA, *.FVB), the correct algorithm and format should be correctly deduced.

Also included is a small WSH script that creates a hash file at each directory level for a given directory, output file name, algorithm, output format, and set of wildcards. For example, if one wishes to make a set of files called CHECKSUMS.MD5 for each directory level with MD5 hashes of all *.exe files within that directory level, one can use (with the current working directory being the directory of choice):

fvc-batch /a:MD5 /f:MD5SUM /n:CHECKSUMS.MD5 *.exe

To then subsequently validate all of those files:
fvc -x -r CHECKSUMS.MD5
Or with more information:
fvc -x -r -v CHECKSUMS.MD5

Also, a division-by-zero issue has been fixed relating to some cases of small hash files being read, causing the GUI application to terminate.

Posted by Tom Bramer 2008-07-23

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