New Release - v0.2.1.3885

This release contains a few new features:

Changes with v0.2.1.3885:
* Support for SFV file format.
* Can automatically strip pathnames down to relative paths,
being relative to the location of the checksum/hash result file.
* Delayed calculation. Normally when files and directories are
added to the buffer, their hashes are computed immediately. With
delayed calculation, one can add files to the buffer, and compute
their hashes in two distinct steps. This allows one to manipulate
the list before actually calculating, allowing one to pick and choose
exactly what files should be processed.
* Internal support for Structured Exception Handling. Faulty hash
modules should not crash the application (not that this was ever
an issue, but something that I've been wanting to support).
* Improved CSV file parser.
* Various other miscellaneous modifications.

Posted by Tom Bramer 2007-12-23

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