I love the program, but two things I think are not working right....

Ted W
  • Ted W

    Ted W - 2013-06-05

    1) I tried to verify some files with a MD5 file hashed by MD5Summer. One file reported an error. Analysis showed that the filename included a Unicode??? character (The Registered logo).

    The filename in the MD5 file was:
    Windows® 7 Tech Sheet - en_ts.zip

    But, FileVerifier listed the file as the following and that it could not be found:
    Windows 7 Tech Sheet - en_ts.zip

    Am I missing something? Maybe a way to turn on Unicode support?

    2) When I try to save a log file in various different ways, it appears, none of the
    log files have a way of listing the verification status of each individual file.
    For example, MD5summer lists an error or ok for every file. It does not, however,
    tell for example, 'All files checked ok', like Easy MD5 Creator.

    I really like the program. I have not tried the shell integration yet, which is
    very important. But, it looks very well laid out. And, I hope with a resolution to
    these two issues, to be able to use FileVerifier exclusively. Thank You!

  • Tom Bramer

    Tom Bramer - 2013-06-08

    Hello Ted,

    As for question 1:

    FileVerifier++ interprets files of formats other than FVA and FVB as being encoded in UTF-8 without exception (unless you have an extremely old version, dating back to before 2007). In the FVA and FVB (compressed FVA) formats, the encoding is determined by the <?xml encoding='xxx'?> processing directive, but is always UTF-8 for these formats as created by FV++.

    UTF-8 is used as a standard encoding as it is universal and efficient (storage wise) for most cases.

    If your file is encoded as UTF-8, the ® character will actually take up two characters if viewed in a text editor that only understands 8-bit characters or 2 bytes if viewed in a hex editor. It is encoded as (in hex) C2 AE in UTF-8. If the file is encoded in an 8-bit encoding, it will likely be just AE.

    I tested MD5summer and it appears to be writing files with 8-bit encodings, indicating that it doesn't support Unicode. The file is not a Unicode file, but your default code page is what makes an AE render as a ®.

    iconv is a program for Unix-like systems that can convert these types of files to UTF-8. I believe there is a Windows version, but it's still a command line utility.

    As for question 2, FileVerifier++ doesn't support log files. The Save and Save As functions do not save log files, but hash files to be validated at a later time.

    If you need to save a list of files that are invalid, this can be done. After verifying hashes, use the Tag Matching States operation to tag everything that you don't want and click the Delete button to remove those entries. You can then save the result in any of the standard formats, of which the *.TXT format may be the most appropriate, though if you save it in a full format, you can just re-check the smaller list once files are fixed.

    FVC could also be used if a OK/NOK combined list is essiential, but this is a command line utility (comes with FileVerifier++).

  • Ted W

    Ted W - 2013-06-09

    Hi Tom,
    I appreciate your quick response.
    As for Question #1, some of what you said was over my head. But, if I used the FVA or FVB file Format, are you saying that would fix the problem, or would I still need iconv? Otherwise, maybe the most logical workaround for me is to just remove the '®' symbol.
    As for Question #2, I will check out the 'Tagging States' and FVC. Thank You!

  • Tom Bramer

    Tom Bramer - 2013-06-09

    The bottom line with question #1 is that MD5Summer doesn't write Unicode (specifically, UTF-8 encoded) files. If you hash the file with FileVerifier++ and save the results, it will read the results back correctly. You don't need to use the FVA or FVB formats. If you want to read files created by programs that do not write UTF-8 text files, you will need to use a program like iconv to convert them to UTF-8.

    Most ASCII files (files with all characters below ASCII code 128) are also valid UTF-8, so they will be read without issues with the program. Only when there are characters at or above 128 will there be a problem (such as ® in your case, ASCII code 174 (AE in hex)).

  • Hikari

    Hikari - 2014-01-23

    Hello Tom! I really really loved FileVerifier++!

    I've been using md5summer for years and am looking for a replacement, because it's getting old and have been orphaned for years, and it was developed with Delphi 7 with no UTF8 support.

    I tested around 50 apps, and when I got tired and believed there was nothing as great as md5summer even after all these years, AlternativeTo pointed me to FileVerifier++! OMG it's awesome!!

    Regarding the topic, indeed FileVerifier++ and md5summer aren't compatible. The first only supports UTF8 and the other only ANSI. For converting text file encoding, I suggest Notepad++. I can't be sure the conversion will make it work and for sure backup the file first, but give it a try.

    HashCheck is a nice app that is able to identify encoding and supports both, so it's able to read both apps files!


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