Check files against CRC in filenames?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-05-13

    Would it be possible for checksums to be compared against a string in the filename to see if the file is good or bad?

    For example

    Filename 1234-ASD .mkv

    xxxxxxxx being CRC32. There's already something like this here

    I find FileVerifier better (the best of all "file verifiers" programs in fact), but I miss that feature. I know it's something specific for fansubs and anime, but I use it for all my video files, that way I can move them here and there and have always its CRC at hand. Anyone else keep CRCs in filenames?

  • Tom Bramer

    Tom Bramer - 2012-05-14

    There should be a configuration that maps string lengths to algorithms.  Most, if not all, programs that verify such checksums or hashes only support one or two algorithms.  FV++ at the moment supports 6 algorithms with 32-bit checksums and 4 algorithms with 128-bit hash outputs.  Either this, or you should have to specify the algorithm with the operation.

  • Tom Bramer

    Tom Bramer - 2012-05-14

    Of course, the default configuration would be set to algorithms that are most likely to be used (CRC32 and MD5).


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