#6 File Calculations Work In Reverse Of GUI Order


Testing: v0.6.6.6050

Despite changing the sort order with the columns, when validation begins, it works from the bottom of the main GUI towards the Top.


  • Tom Bramer

    Tom Bramer - 2011-10-10

    The sort order has no influence on the order in which FV++ process entries.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I found out that FV++ is working in the order of the original MD5 file. The original MD5 file, a 13,000 item MD5 file that was originally created with MD5Checker, has the directories listed in reverse order (Z to A). When FV++ works with this file, the validation process also works in reverse order (bottom of the main GUI towards the top).

    When I recreated a new 13,000 item MD5 file using FV++, the new MD5 file has the directories listed A to Z and in this case, the validation process works from the top of the main GUI towards the bottom (A to Z).

  • Tom Bramer

    Tom Bramer - 2012-07-15
    • status: open --> closed

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