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Tom Turkey
  • Tom Turkey

    Tom Turkey - 2010-08-19

    We have made available for down load two files:
    fr.exe is a stand alone filerunner for windows.  It contains all it needs…
    fr.tar.gz is the complete  source and make files

    To use fr.tar.gz you will need to have a current version of tcl/tk on your system.
    To make fr.exe, if you desire to do so, you will also need 'freewrap'.

    Do note that the self contained fr.exe is a bit slower than having tcl/tk on your system.

  • Tom Turkey

    Tom Turkey - 2010-08-22

    For reasons not clear, I can not tag both the "tar" and the ".exe" files as windows files.  Clearly the .exe is a windows file.  In addition it does not require you to have ANY other programs to support it.

    The "tar" file contains the full source and some small support code (small Make files) .  To use it on windows you will need to also have tcl/tk on your system.  For windows I like "Active Tcl"  (ask google).  To actually build a new version if you modify the FontControl file (and only then) you will need AWK, which I get from the RedHat CYGWIN package (which, by the way) contains most of the default "button" handlers (diff, cp, touch, tar, zip, gzip, etc).

    If after you changes you want an "exe" version, freewrap is what you need (

    The wrapped version runs slower, so there is no real point to using it unless you want it to work on systems that don't have tcl/tk loaded.

  • Tom Turkey

    Tom Turkey - 2010-08-22

    I forgot to mention that CYGWIN has an older version to tcl/tk and does not support some to the newer code in filerunner  another reason I like the Active Tcl version (did I mention the doc file that comes with it?).


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