File Manage: 2.1.0 version released

The latest version of PHP Remote File Management System makes some changes to the interface and back-end that make life easier and faster for all involved.

On the end-user side, file and directory actions have now been collected and placed in a left-click context-sensitive menu. This gives a much cleaner feel to the main portion of the program. The interface, overall, has been updated to give a generally more uniform feel.

For developers, the program has been further filleted by integrating the Smarty Templating engine. This will allow volunteers working on code to easily make right-brain, front-end changes, separate from the lefty’s back-end code.

GetID3 is back in play, giving the world all the needed media information that many have been craving. Also a new feature, announcements, gives admins and moderators the joy of pestering lower users with notifications about the happenings on system. Admins also get their share if a security problem or fatal error occurs. Allowing instant notification of system troubles adds security to the whole program.

Other additions like easy date internationalization, IP white listing, a directory map, and a tool to make the database squeaky clean round out the major changes in 2.1.0.

The PRFMS team hopes you enjoy all the new changes!
Download a ZIP of the source here:
Post any bugs or feature requests here:
Visit the project page here:

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2009-01-15

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