Long awaited PHP File Manage 2.0 released

Over two and a half years after the last release, PHP Remote File Management System has unveiled version 2.0. Brandon Nimon’s original concept has been kept intact for the new release, but 100% of the code has been completely rewritten and streamlined. This includes a great new user-friendly look brought to you by Byron Hood.

The core program will remain familiar for many of the longtime users, but has been tweaked to enable faster and more flexible functionality. Core rewriting has been completed with the sole intent of mySQL integration, thus speeding up page load times and query executions. The revamped security system not only increases security, it ties into the files, allowing users to “own” files and directories, and thus have greater control over protecting their content from another user in the system.

Some less important features have been removed, but may soon be replaced if a suitable substitute can been found. These features were the command line console, integration of getID3, and the uber Uploader progress bar. This removal has reduced page load times and greatly reduced code space.

Other important additions are the abilities for admins to specify unique root directories for individual users or user groups, the capability to chmod any file or directory in the system, and limit an individual users’ file upload size. Also added was the support for files with special characters that the URL normally doesn’t handle.

Many small changes have taken place to allow better efficiency of use, thus cutting down on the users’ time, messing with the interface. For a full list of changes, please view the ChangeLog file contained with the source code. You can download File Manage 2.0 (stable) here: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=136826&package_id=150391&release_id=642751

Please submit all bugs or feature requests on the project trackers, here: https://sourceforge.net/tracker2/?group_id=136826

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2008-11-25

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