Version 0.9.9 has been released!

This release, likely to be the last before the 1.0 milestone is reached, adds a number of new features and enhancements to PHP Remote File Management System (File Manage). This release has also been security-enhanced and examined by experts to locate any possible loopholes in the security code.

As part of File Manage's march forward, numerous functions have been utilized that only exist in PHP 4.3.0 and newer versions. Beginning with this release, PHP 4.3.0 or higher is required for File Manage to function properly.

Perhaps the biggest addition to File Manage is fitness metering and statistics capabilities. File Manage will now track performance and load times, recording them and making them available on the Settings page. This gives administrators tangible numbers on performance and possible ways to improve services to users.

Another new feature is a handy interface to set custom icons for extensions. Admins can upload icons and adjust which are displayed for current extensions. An additional administrator tool gives admins the ability to control which settings a user can customize. This allows users to setup settings for better performance without worrying if users are overriding the default settings.

The file list can also now display directory sizes, numbers of files and subdirectories. With the setting enabled, File Manage scans directories to get the info. On many file systems this does not slow the page loading time at all. Admins are now able to hide files and directories by name. They can use wild cards in the name to hide all files and directories that currently exist on the system. This is available on the "Manage Hidden Items" page.

There is now strong password-enforcement so users who are requesting a login must have a strong password, meaning it must be 8 or more characters long with at least two types of characters (types: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and any other kind of character).

In addition, administrators now have the ability to ban IP addresses from the system. This can be used for added security against known hackers.

Perhaps the largest bug fix in this release regards ampersands (&) in directory and file names. While using an ampersand was previously problematic, these limitations have been overcome and files with this character function properly, although this support is experimental, and special symbols should always be used with extreme caution.

Numerous smaller changes and enhancements were also made to File Manage, particularly in regard to security. A full list can be found in the changelog.

The last File Manage release (0.9.8) added a number of new features including the upload progress bar that shows users the status of their uploads. In addition, File Manage now includes a "recycle bin" that functions like the Windows or MacOS equivalents.

As always, 0.9.9 is available for download on in two wrappings. One is an installer, which can manage multiple installations of the PHP Remote File Management System and can easily keep track of documentation and uninstall File Manage in a jiffy; the second is the standard (boring) .zip file we have always released.

Visit our project page for items planned in future releases, for any existing bugs, or to view a list of all download options. And of course if you find any bugs or have any ideas for features that should get into the program.

Here are direct links to the two download options:

Thanks for all the support and input we have received over the years of programming.

We are getting very close to 1.0 and the programming team is excited!

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2006-03-30

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