File Manage Releases next great version! v. 0.9.8!

A great list of new features in this release (version 0.9.8), is yet another boost toward an official release at 1.0. The release cycle was slightly faster this time around, not because less time or effort was put into this release, but rather because of an increase in available programming time from File Manage’s lead programmer Brandon Nimon. The Change Log actually contains an impressively long list of updates, primarily comprised of added features. The quick look statistics for the PHP Remote File Management System are getting pretty staggering with 385134 characters in the program, at a total of 7840 lines. There are 52 PHP and Java Script functions and 6928 PHP variable accesses being used in the program. There is a grand total of 31 customizable system settings for admins and 16 visual customizations for normal users (this is a new addition, and the users’ settings can be found in “My Settings”).

The biggest update for this release is the Perl Upload Progress Bar. Though it requires a small amount additional work (I guess this might make File Manage 99% plug-and-play instead of 100%) to get the progress bar running, it is a much needed addition for servers which allow large files to be uploaded. The bar displays a percentage complete, estimated time to completion, and other useful information. The progress bar also allows for multiple files to be uploaded at the same time.
Other highly requested features that have been added help in managing users. Now new visitors to the program on a site are able to request from the admin(s) to become a user. They enter a desired username, email, and password; then an admin must accept the user or deny them. The other feature that has been added for user management is the ability to outright delete users. No longer will the user be able to log in, but see nothing; they will no longer take up any space or abilities on the system.
The Recycle Bin in File Manage now behaves like originally desired. Multiple files with the same name can be deleted without the old files being overwritten. And files and directories can be moved or restored to their original location by users with the proper permissions; while admins are still the only users allowed permanently delete files from the Recycle Bin.
A big surprise in coding ethics allows us to add a feature, originally, not thought possible. With the change of one variable, admins can setup the PHP Remote File Management System to be able to view a list of files and subdirectories in any directory on a computer with read access. And with the new force download feature enabled, there is no functionality loss whatsoever. Users can upload, create, copy, move, delete, etc any file on their computer. Though this should likely only be used for personal use, it can also be used to easily share directories which are not contained in the web server.
There have been many other updates, way too many to list, but a quick run down of some of the important ones which haven’t already been mentioned: code updates for admin detection (programmers will love this), a user’s preference on how a directory is organized is now saved on the server, admins can see and edit hidden files and directories, while normal users now have no rights in hidden files and directories, console expansion for custom console functions is now available, the properties window now has both MD5 and SHA1 hashes for the files; and some big ones for remote access: the ability to change the illegal_words and accept arrays from the settings page! Also a few bugs were resolved in this release. So many more updates and fixes are also in this release. Please read the ChangeLog file for a full list.

As before, 0.9.8 is available for download on in two wrappings. One is an installer, which can manage multiple installations of the PHP Remote File Management System and can easily keep track of documentation and uninstall File Manage in a jiffy; the second is the standard (boring) .zip file we have always released.

Visit our project page for items planned in future releases, for any existing bugs, or to view a list of all download options. And of course if you find any bugs or have any ideas features that should get into the program.

Here are direct links to the two download options:
ZIP file:

Thanks for all the support and input we have received over the years of programming. We are getting so close to 1.0 and the programming team is very excited!

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2006-02-28

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