File Manage 0.9.7 Released, many new features!

Bobb's File Manage System 0.9.7 is an easy-to-use, 100% plug-and-play PHP-based system that can display lists of specified files and directories, as well as allow files to be created, edited, renamed, copied, moved, or deleted. Many new features have been added to this version of File Manage. Many of the updates make the program easier, faster, and more friendly to use.

The updates since 0.9.6 are highly recommended for all users, as there are some security updates which prevent admins from manipulating files and directories they should not have access to. There are also a couple other minor bug fixes which help File Manage work more seamlessly on certain browsers and servers.

The count of additions to this release is much more than usual as we approach 1.0. The developers are working hard to get all of the essential features into the program before its official release, and its transition out of beta. Some of these additions are a very welcome site, as they have been much needed for many users. Three of the biggest updates that will be noticeable for admins are the Recycle Bin, Settings page, and the brand new installer!
The Recycle Bin currently mimics the abilities of many Linux distributions. It is a place where files and directories are stored after deletion; as a sort of double check that the file was meant to be deleted. This also gives admin(s) the last say; if a user deletes a files, for the file to be permanently deleted, an admin must delete it out of the Recycle Bin. Items can also be moved to a new location.
The Settings page is a long awaited feature for many of the command-line fearing people of the world. This page gives a friendly user interface for admins to view and change settings’ values. This also helps first time administrators of File Manage, so they don’t have to learn the settings, as everything is spelt out clearly in a description right next to the value being set.
The new installer is likely the first thing admins will notice. This installer is scripted off of NSIS and has some nice features. It places the documentation in a separate location than the program, so the files won’t display in the list. It adds icons to the Start Menu for easy access to the documentation and to multiple installations of File Manage. Yes, multiple installations are supported. The installer will keep track of each location the program is installed, and create links for each directory. If the admin ever needs to uninstall the File Manage program, they can uninstall all the programs in only a couple clicks.
Other additions to this release include, but are not limited to the following. The ability to efficiently move directories in both the UI and the console is now available, using PHP’s rename() function instead of a copy-delete method. A new column to display when the files was created or last updated is a new option and is customizable by the admin(s). For those who still like the simplicity of File List, there is a single console command to set settings to allow it to run like the old File List. There have also been added other new console commands “passwd” and “email” to be able to change your password and your email address quickly via the command line. A few new extensions have also been added to the default accept array, good for users of MS Office applications and NSIS. Some visual changes have been applied to fix some formatting issues and to help use on high and low resolution screens.

Overall this release is a great accomplishment for the developers and a large step toward the goal of File Manage 1.0. There are still a few lingering features yet to be added before 1.0 and there will be a hefty bug testing period where we will be requesting the community’s help in nailing down all the problems with browsers, errors, and servers that we can find. So if you are interested please email the lead programmer at

0.9.7 is now available for download on There are two options. One is the installer, which can manage multiple installations of File Manage; the second is the standard .zip file we have always released.

Zip File:

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2006-02-02

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