File Manage 0.9.6 Released!

Bobb's File Manage System 0.9.6 is an easy-to-use, 100% plug-and-play PHP-based system that can display lists of specified files and directories, as well as allow files to be created, edited, renamed, copied, moved, or deleted. This release contains new features and important bug fixes and is therefore suggested for all current users.

The File Manage system comes packed in two different styles: a user-friendly web interface or in a more advanced and powerful command-line console which uses Linux-type commands. Also available on many common file types is the ability to get advanced information about a file. This information will include file path, size, and file creation, modification, and access dates. If the file type is a supported video type, information will be available about the video's codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and many other useful pieces of information. An image's information will include its type, resolution, and color types and depths; if EXIF support is available, images may also have other advanced information listed such as the program which created it; if it is a photograph, it will have make and model, and other technical information about the photo. Also built into the File Manage system is an advanced security matrix which allows admin(s) to create, and generally manage and monitor other users. Admin(s) can allow users to view only specific files, or revoke any of the above-specified abilities (create, rename, delete, etc.) from the user. This leaves the power in the right hands while allowing other users to still be able to view, download, or get information on available files; and if admin(s) deem the user to be trustworthy, can grant available abilities all the way up to an additional admin.

There have been many fixes since the 0.9.5 release. The manage users page has a few additions, such as the ability to manage the anonymous user settings in a UI. Admins can now enable/disable anonymous users and adjust the permissions just as if it were another user. Also, admin(s) are now able to "disable" a user with a click of a link. This makes it easier to revoke privileges of a user. The user will still be able to login, but will not have any abilities (including the ability to view the list of files or directories). This is the current substitution for not being able to outright delete users. Other additions to the program include a stop to temporary filename collisions; an addition of about 30 new file extensions to the default "accept" array: so the program recognizes the files to display an icon with them. Fixes to files and users containing "0" and "false", wording and programming fixes were also included in this release. An outright server crash caused by previous version of this software is fixed. There are many more updates, for a full list, please view the Change Log packaged with the program.
Download 0.9.6:

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2006-01-10

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