File Manage 0.9.5 Released!

Bobb's File Manage System 0.9.5 is an easy-to-use, 100% plug-and-play PHP-based system that can display lists of specified files and directories, as well as allow files to be created, edited, renamed, copied, moved, or deleted. This release contains exciting new features, namely support the use of EXIF embedded information in images. It also contains important bug fixes and is therefore suggested for all current users.

The File Manage system is available in two flavors: a user-friendly web interface or in a more advanced and powerful command-line console which uses Linux-type commands. Also available on many common file types is the ability to get advanced information about a file. This information will include file path, size, and file creation, modification, and access dates. If the file type is a supported video type, information will be available about the video's codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and many other useful pieces of information. An image's information will include its type, resolution, and color types and depths; if EXIF support is available, images may also have other advanced information listed (read on to get more information). Also built into the File Manage system is an advanced security matrix which allows admin(s) to create, and generally manage and monitor other users. Admin(s) can allow users to view only specific files, or revoke any of the above-specified abilities (create, rename, delete, etc.) from the user. This leaves the power in the right hands while allowing other users to still be able to view, download, or get information on available files; and if admin(s) deem the user to be trustworthy can grant available abilities all the way up to an additional admin.

This version updates the way a lot of the interface behaves by allowing users to work faster in a more seamless environment; this will be appreciated by many of our power users. In 0.9.5, instead of displaying separate pages for the different functions of the program, it adds the active task to the top of the page. This allows for quick referencing to other files in the directory. Also, gone are the days of confirmations of completed functions; the new system allows for a notification as simple as "Function completed." at the top of the page, and the user is on their way. There are also some functionality additions including the ability to copy directories, and the admin's ability to hide files and directories from the view of normal users. Much image support has been added to the program. In the file list, icons are replaced with an icon-size preview of the image. The properties of the same image will include a larger thumbnail and the availability of advanced image information. All this was added from the support for EXIF-embedded images. Another addition involves the available packages for download. There is now a downloadable version of File Manage pre- packaged with a copy of getid3(). This will result in less confusion and much easier installation if the admin plans on using getid3(). Another great update to the functionality of the program is the ability to copy whole directories. This feature was first added to the console, but is now also available in the standard UI. An additional file-specific action has also been added; admin(s) can hide files or directories from the file list.

This release also includes several notable bug fixes including the solution for a bug in the $accept array which ultimately broke the program in certain situations. There was also a problem with the links at the top of the page when copying or cutting a file, which canceled the copy/cut function. There were many other fixes and updates. Read the ChangeLog for a full list of changes.

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2005-10-11

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