File Manage 0.9.4 Released!

The File Manage team is pleased to release the latest version of its acclaimed software. The latest version, 0.9.4, introduces several new features and fixes some bugs.

New features:

- Censor password reenabled. This allows the admin(s) to override the illegal_words check and allow a file with any contents to be created, edited, or uploaded. The passcode can only be set by the user "admin" and is not viewable by anyone. It can be changed at anytime. This is designed to keep the ultimate power with the original admin; he can pass out the passcode to let others bypass illegal_words, but this not recommended.
- The permissions system is now very easy to use in hex or basic mode. Now it is as easy as an admin selecting or deselecting the abilities they want a user to have. The number is automatically generated instead of having to calculate a number.
- Added viewlog console function. This allows console users to view a single log, or a range of logs in the console.
- The userlist command was also added to the console. This will display a list of current users with their email, permissions number and type.

Bug Fixes/Optimizations:

- Pages no longer reload when the "Prop" or "(?)" links are clicked.
- Added security: Passwords and passcodes are not passed to browser at any time now. This prevents the slim chance of a virus or spyware being able to read the HTML code to get the password.
- The check_contents() function now runs on all uploaded files that are text-based. Previously only text files were scanned.
- Fixed an issue where new users did not need to enter an email address to register their user. But on the user management screen the test for being a registered user was based on the email field having content. Now users must enter an email address to register a user.


To download this latest version, please visit the File Manage project page at

Posted by Brad Hart 2005-08-27

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