File Manage 0.9.3 Released

Bobb's File Manage staff is pleased to announce the 0.9.3 release of its software. File Manage is a PHP-based system that allows users to remotely manage files on a server. It includes text-editing functionality for some types of files.

This version of the software is primarily a maintenance release, designed to fix several critical bugs that could have prevented proper execution on some systems. For this reason, this release is recommended for all users.

New Features in this Release
- Implemented the wget function. Users familiar with this function on Linux/Unix systems know that it allows an administrator to download a remote file to the local filesystem. This operates the same way in FileManage, allowing an admin to
place a file from a remote server on the local drive. For more documentation on
this feature and correct usage, see the file "consolerules.txt".

Bug Fixes in this Release
- (Critical) File manage use with magic quotes enables caused major problems and
ultimately was determined to not be compatible with File Manage. After much code
change, File Manage should be totally compatible with magic quotes.

- Fixed an issue where an admin could create a user with infinitely long
characters, but the user when logging in was limited to 64 characters
(now always limited to 64).

- Fixed a problem in which a user's password was not limited during creation,
but was limited to 64 characters while logging in (now no limit).

- Due to a flaw in programming, this system was only fully compatible with PHP
4.3.2 or newer. This has been fixed. Older versions may have worked but returned

- Fixed get_name() in which $pre_ex may return directory paths with no slashes.

- Added another security check to make sure the correct File Manage file is
being accessed. This posed security problems when two PHPSESSID cookies clash
and may log a user in without entering a username or password (it is less of a
security problem than is sounds).

- index_sec() now makes redirect files instead of files that just say
"not permitted".

- Console did not always return correct results when last argument was in

- Minor fixes to how manage users and the permissions system works.

- A bug where users (other than admins) were unable to see the "edit my profile"
link (even though the option was available (now they can see the link).


Project Homepage:
(Report bugs and give us feedback!)

Posted by Brad Hart 2005-07-06

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