#196 system-wide excecution

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This is needed to replace the command line console. An area to put in wild card enabled commands that execute across the whole system (or at least all sub directories -- and the whole system if in root directory). This would include delete, copy, cut (move), hide/unhide, and rename. In the long run, copy, cut, and rename should have some type of scripting ability to cause more than simple one to another execution.
For example, rename a whole directory into a certain format: rename a bunch of random pictures into Pic^N^.jpg. Where ^N^ would be replaced my an auto-incrementing number.


  • Brandon Nimon

    Brandon Nimon - 2008-12-04

    Just now realizing that hide already has this feature with mass hide...oh well.
    This is now in 2.0.1. It only is featuring delete and a syntax-sensitive rename (go view the page to find out how it works).

  • Brandon Nimon

    Brandon Nimon - 2008-12-04
    • milestone: --> 2.0.1
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bnimon
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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