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Icons folder missing

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2006-12-27

    I am using File Manage on a hosted server, so I couldn't use the installer.  The /icons folder is missing, and it's not in any of the zip files.  Any idea where I can get my hands on those icons?

    I was unable to change the admin password through the toolbox.  I had to hack it by creating a new user and then copying the MD5 in the SQL database.  What does "Censor passcode" mean anyway?  Does it mean "Confirm existing password"?

    Other than that, the installation was painless and it works great.  Thanks!

    • Brandon Nimon

      Brandon Nimon - 2007-01-02

      Icons can be obtained in the "" file available in the download section on this project.

      The censor passcode (I wish I had made this a bit more obvious, if I ever release another version, I will) is a way to bypass a censor system which limits contents of files which are uploaded or created for security reasons. It allows admins to be able to add anything to the files, but not users who do not know the password. (I think I explained some of this in the README, so look there for more info).

      Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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