no database and cannot log in

  • seanbizzo

    seanbizzo - 2006-12-14

    Using latest release 1.0.0 installed on Windows XP professional with IIS 5.1 and MySQL 5 and ActivePerl

    Everything appears normal and filemanage.php does present the initial login interface but I get no prompt for database creation just directly to the username\password fields. When I type in "admin" and "password" it rejects the username\password. After several attempts I get locked out for 3 minutes. I located a file in filelist for the "admin" account with this hash (5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99) and tried changing it to the salted hash indicated on another post but that didn't work. Do you have any suggestions on how I can configure this to allow me a login?


    • Brandon Nimon

      Brandon Nimon - 2006-12-14

      Did you download the mysql version or not?
      When you download the file there is one with "-SQL" and one without.
      I'm guessing, since you had a file in the filelist directory for user logins you got the non-SQL version.

      I would highly suggest the SQL version (I think that is what you wanted anyway yeah?).

      For the non-SQL version, the hash should be "5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99", which is what you had.
      For the SQL version here is another salted hash for "password": c82e4d71a7ba729fa1d1414024bfa0d71a2334b488xmLHB*|%

      Let me know what happens.

      ...Get the SQL version if you don't already have it. But first uninstall the non-SQL version, so you purge all the files which may have been created.

      -Brandon Nimon

    • seanbizzo

      seanbizzo - 2006-12-16

      Brandon -- thank you for spotting the solution to this problem immediately, I had chosen the incorrect package like you said. Everything works as expected now and  - thanks again =)


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