Suggestion: Add CSS

  • Shawn C. Monk

    Shawn C. Monk - 2007-02-28

    Personally, I like very little stock...Maybe its just my inner geek trying to twist the world to its liking, but I like being able to customize the look and feel of a site.  While FileManage currently has some basic capabilities, it seems to me that if stylesheets were used, it would open up a whole new level of customization.  To tide me over while I figure that out, I was able to add some class tags to the PHP-generated HTML to at least provide some customization and clean up the user interface (in my opinion). 

    Such a petty issue, I know - but I can see some great potential for an app like this...too bad others haven't caught on!

    • Brandon Nimon

      Brandon Nimon - 2007-02-28

      I've thought about this, the problem is, I don't have more than 5 minutes experience with CSS and templates and such. I would be open to such a feature, and I've thought about it many times, but I have not had the resources or time to learn it and implement it. If you know CSS and are willing to contribute to the project, I would be willing to start actively developing the project again.

      • Shawn C. Monk

        Shawn C. Monk - 2007-03-01

        I'll play around with the code some and see if come up with some simple classes and insert them into the code.  (I plan on doing it anyway for myself, so why not share it?)  Once I get a basic CSS setup, I'll let you know and you can decide if it's worth adding to the overall project. 

        I've also been toying with the idea of adding some kind of group selection feature that would allow users to select various files from different directories then download the entire group at once.  I was thinking of maybe zipping the selections into a single file...I spend too much time travelling and my MP3 collection has grown too large to travel with, but I'd like to be able to refresh my Zune with some new stuff without having to go through each song one-by-one. dream.  The problem isn't the ideas, its the implementation. 

      • pixeline

        pixeline - 2009-01-14

        hi brandon!

        i' d be happy to contribute a theme / skin for PRFMS . you can contact me if you want at

    • Brandon Nimon

      Brandon Nimon - 2009-01-14

      pixeline, that would be great. If you are looking for more than just a CSS change we can do that as well. The entire program (but not all text) has been integrated with the Smarty Templating system (for the soon coming 2.1.0 release). So actually changing the design of the site is very possible.
      If you want to get your hands dirty, we can integrate more the feel into the CSS we use, or if you want to dive in, you can maybe do some work on the templates. With this, we could create themes.


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