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FileLocker 2.6.1 is released.

the 2.6 release has an issue with filename formatting, 2.6.1 has been released as a replacement.

Posted by David Hutchins 2016-03-30

Release Candidate for Filelocker 2.6 is now available

This release contains many enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

New features include:

  • Support for CherryPy3.2 (3.1 and earlier no longer supported)
  • CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) protection
  • Email notification for completed upload requests
  • Better support for large files
  • Support for X-Forwarded-For header when behind a reverse proxy
  • Ability to send multiple files to external users
  • Ability for admins to view individual user history
  • CC of self when notifications are sent
  • SQLAlchemy is now used to support multiple database servers

This release can be downloaded at: ... read more

Posted by David Hutchins 2015-04-22

2.4.4 Released

I've put out a bug-fix and maintenance release. This release includes bug fixes for slow load times resulting from groups with a large number of members, use of more cryptographically sound random number generators when creating security keys, and a fix for a potential cross site scripting vulnerability in the messaging interface.

Posted by Brett Davis 2011-07-15

Filelocker v2.4 Release

Today marks the release of version 2.4.0 of Filelocker. For those interested, we've got some major improvements concerning Active Directory compatibility, customization of templates through the GUI, clustering support, better support for large files, system usage statistics, ability to hide shares you no longer wish to see, and a host of minor bug fixes and improvements including cleaner audit log display and cleaner tooltip display.... read more

Posted by Christopher Miller 2011-05-02

Filelocker 2 v2.3 Release

This release has a host of bug fixes, a newer version of Jquery UI bundled in, better cross browser uploading, drag and drop uploads, ability to cancel uploads, better support for large file uploads, better LDAP authentication support (will work with some instances of Active Directory now) and various cosmetic fixes. This release will also automatically update your database the first time it runs. Thanks to everyone who contributed code to this release - keep it coming!

Posted by Brett Davis 2011-03-29

Filelocker v2.2 Release

Version 2.2 brings many new features and bug fixes to Filelocker. In addition to subtle UI enhancements and fixes (such as log rotation), we've added three new core functionalities: download statistics, a command line interface, and geolocation.

Filelocker users can now view an HTML5-based chart (or just a table if HTML5 canvas is unsupported) of a file's downloads over a specified time period. We're still ironing out some of the bugs with rendering these charts in IE. In the future, we will include more detailed auditing and charting for admins.... read more

Posted by Christopher Miller 2011-02-22

V2.2 Release Next Week

We had originally intended to release version 2.2 today (Friday), but we wanted to test the log rotation for a couple more days before we put the stamp of approval on things. This new version will include a commandline client to allow unix based servers to script uploads and shares to Filelocker. The commandline client relies on a config file that is generated from the web front end of Filelocker which contains a secret key used for authentication. A unique IP address is tied to each secret key. Further details will be included in the release notes.

Posted by Brett Davis 2011-02-18

Filelocker 2 v1.1 Release

Right on the heels of the v1.0 release we have the first patched release of Filelocker 2. This release includes a host of small bug fixes, and some notes in the INSTALL.txt on setting up ProxyPass in Apache to work with Filelocker. It is recommended that be run again for this release to re-initialize the database if possible, as a new table has been added. If you're already up and running with users and don't want to blank your database, simply drop in the MySQL table create statement uploaded in the files section as 2.1.1-patch.sql

Posted by Brett Davis 2011-01-12

Filelocker 2 v1.0 Release

For all Filelocker 2 users, we've uploaded our latest stable version and have set it as the 1.0 revision. If you are running older, non-versioned instances, I strongly encourage you to download the latest package and unzip it over your old install. You won't need to run again, you'll just have to backup your filelocker.conf file if it's in the same directory as the install. Going forward, I'll try to do better with the versioning (and if someone wants to write a web based updater, like WordPress has, I'd love to hear from you).

Posted by Brett Davis 2010-12-29

Filelocker 2 Now Available

We are happy to announce that Filelocker 2 has been made available for download. Currently, the tested configurations we've been running use CAS for authentication and user information is pulled from an LDAP directory. Both the authentication and the directory portion can be run out of the local database as well for testing and smaller deployments.

Feel free to reach out to the Filelocker development team by using SourceForge's bug and feature request trackers. Alternatively, please use SourceForge's forums to request help in setting up an instance of Filelocker at your organization.... read more

Posted by Christopher Miller 2010-12-17

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