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File Locater v1.3 released

This version fixes a problem with the handling of filenames that contained non ASCII characters.

Posted by Gerald Evans 2013-03-05

File Locater v1.2 released

This release now has a context menu for the found files. Also double-clicking one of the found files now attempts to run/open the file.

Posted by Gerald Evans 2008-11-10

File Locater v1.1 released

This release allows the indexer to be started from the Windows scheduler to ensure the index is kept up to date.
There are also a few bug fixes and cosmetic changes.
See the change log (CHANGES.txt) for full details.

Posted by Gerald Evans 2008-04-30

File Locater v1.0 released

The first version of File Locater has been released.
This has the ability to index selected drives on your machine and then to search for filenames using either glob or regular expressions.

Posted by Gerald Evans 2008-04-13