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SSH now working

Have added ssh interface.

This creates a dependency (only if sftp interface requested) on module paramiko and therefore a depedency on pycrypto

Posted by Paul Atkin 2009-05-12

Project being renamed to filedepot

Was confusing so decided to rename. Request should be processed in the next couple of days.

Posted by Paul Atkin 2009-05-06

Release 0.0.12

Renaming the project to filedepot

The restore for ftp and gmail is up and running.

One limitation is that once restored from gmail, the messages have not been seen and will not appear again for download.

Posted by Paul Atkin 2009-05-06

Release 0.0.11

This version supports simple e-mail and ftp backup only.

Until we're out of Alpha I suggest using the subversion repository.

Posted by Paul Atkin 2009-05-05