#1 crypt in a game


my idea is to hide something (txt/other file) in an exe game.
let say solitaire.exe or other of our own favorite games.
when people run the exe, they see just like the real game.
because, it's the real game.

but, when we put a secret code (a keyboard/mouse combination like easter egg)
that already set when we encrypt the file,
then, we are presented with a password to decrypt the file inside the game.
and if the password correct, we got the secret file.

wont that be great!


  • René Kjellerup

    René Kjellerup - 2004-07-14

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    just a question, have you seen the GUI?

    judging by that crude interface, which it is in my eyes(and
    I wrote it).
    It is the top of the line so far, and without the source of
    the game we were
    to implement the Crypter, it is just impossible, however if
    you have
    a solution using the raw WinAPI, as not to step some one
    like Borland
    by "lending" thier API and for preformance. ( and I'm
    learning how to
    do windows programming. )


  • René Kjellerup

    René Kjellerup - 2004-08-03
    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • René Kjellerup

    René Kjellerup - 2005-06-16
    • status: open --> closed

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