linux version of file commander

  • Winni

    Winni - 2007-09-30

    where is linux version of file commander?
    and I think in linux,can not use TC's plugins,how to do about it?

    • Isshou

      Isshou - 2007-09-30

      Linux version is planned later... I have in plan finish support of packer plugins and implement FTP client. Then I will port it for Linux.
      And what about TC plugins... yes, you are right. But I think for packer or content plugins it shouldn't be so hard to port it unded Linux for their authors. These plugins are not (usually) platform dependent. But it depends on author of the plugin if he will port it. It will be more actuall if this application will have more users. Lister plugins will be a little problem because they need (in Windows) handle of the Lister's windows. And file system plugins are usually platform dependent because they are focused on show of processes, registry and so on but this way they are not needed for Linux.

    • Winni

      Winni - 2007-09-30

      thank you!
      I will wait for the linux version of file commander!


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