#1 Missing DLL [MSCOREE.DLL]

Sasha Baer

I installed File Chopper v1.0.1 on a Windows 98SE
VMWare workstation that I use for testing out software.
The installation went without any issues but when I tried
to execute File Chopper, the following error popped up:
"A required .DLL file, MSCOREE.DLL, was not found."

I also tried to execute "FileChopper (C-sharp).exe" on my
WinXP workstation with the following error:
"The application failed to initialize properly (0×0000135).
Click on OK to terminate the application."

If it is just a matter of putting a copy of MSCOREE.DLL on
my computer, do you know where I could download the
file from and try it out?

This looks like a nice little util, I hope this info helps sort
it out and I will be looking forward to an update (-:



  • Jonathan Leonard

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    Well, the problem on the Win98 box is lack of .NET
    framework. You can download from microsoft.com. And I
    suspect the second problem is that your XP box has a newer
    version of the framework than I have installed here. You may
    wanna compile it yourself if you have that capability.

    .NET framework 1.1 is found here:

    I did compile with .NET framework 1.0, however, this really
    shouldn't have been a problem unless MS broke backwards
    compatibility for the byte code. Can you check to be sure
    which version of the .NET framework is installed on the XP
    box. Also, let me know how it goes for the 98 box too!


  • Sasha Baer

    Sasha Baer - 2003-12-19
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  • Sasha Baer

    Sasha Baer - 2003-12-19

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    Many thanks for your reply. When it did not work, I had a look
    around the site to see if there was anything that was required
    but I don't remember seeing anything about .NET. Maybe I was
    just not seeing it as can happen but could you please check
    that .NET is mentioned as a requirement.

    I have not tested under XP as yet but I loaded .NET v1.0.3705
    onto the Win98SE box and had no problems ((-:

    I assume that if it works ok on 98, then XP should be even less
    hassle, will let you know if M$ proves me wrong.

    Thanks for what appears to be a nice, simple but very usefull


  • Jonathan Leonard

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    hi Sashab,

    Thanks for the reply and kind words regarding the app. Glad
    you find it useful. As for noting the requirement of .NET, I'll
    try to find a good conspicuous place to put it. Maybe I can
    put it in the installer as a warning. If anyone downloads the
    code, it will be obvious. Thanks for that suggestion.

    Best Regards,


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