Feature Requests?

Dan Costin
  • Dan Costin

    Dan Costin - 2009-01-15

    Please feel free to post any features you will like to add to this program. I will do my best to carry it out as soon as possible.

    Thanks for using it!


    • Narayan Natarajan

      I have great interest in this software due a few of its unique features:
      - ability to "push" or upload a file
      - the fact that it doesn't need a traditional "install",
      - the ability to give this to a friend and have them use it to connect to your machine is so simple.
      - and the main fact that it doesn't start hooking up to gnutella etc.

      The way I'm using this makes my home server a central point and have a few people connect with it. So, I'm the only one that would require to forward ports and such.

      The only things I'd be looking for to finish the feature set are:
      - some form of authentication that is sort of like the retroshare pgp - so no passwords etc, just a key file sent over email.
      - a way to form a f2f group so that once connected with my server, other friends become visible as download targets such as in phex (phex is not easy to configure if you want it only as f2f)

      again, wonderful job on the software, would love to see it grow


    • Dan Costin

      Dan Costin - 2009-02-08

      Thanks Venkman for your feedback, it is important for me. As about the requested features, I totally agree, and in fact, the list of connected clients is the next feature I was thinking to implement. So as soon as I have time, I will get to work and I will be back with a new release.


    • Steve Polar

      Steve Polar - 2009-05-25

      About it has End to End Encryption?

      Its was realy usefull , but i doesnt read or find some things abaut the Encryption, is Chats,Transfers,Connections Encrypted?

      • Dan Costin

        Dan Costin - 2009-05-25

        No, it has not implemented any kind of encryption yet. Although it would be easy, I have no time right now to do it, sorry. I will implement it as soon as possible.

    • JB82

      JB82 - 2009-08-06

      Hi There!

      Really a nice program, congratulation :)

      The only thing I need on LAN is a way to let it run in the background and wait for connections. I am using it as a replacement for Windows build-in file transfer and a starting foreground window on each windows log on is not so nice.

      Nevertheless, keep up working, will surely be nice :)

      • Dan Costin

        Dan Costin - 2009-08-07

        There is an option in the Settings menu called "Accept only one client", if you disable it, the server keeps waiting new clients to connect.


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