#59 Counter for burst/duplicate images

Métamorphose 2.x

I'd like to rename my images by EXIF date and time. Images taken in burst mode (Even the iphone doing HDR does burst) will result with pictures being taken at the same date and time down to the same second resulting in duplicate errors when trying to rename with Metamorphose.

I would like to add a counter to the images taken in the same second (and reset the counter for each new batch of duplicates/burst images) to avoid the problem of duplicates.

Looking at the Mac OSX build, in the Numbering tab I see under the "Counter" a option for "Reset every" then an input field. Right now the input field is just set to a numerical pattern of every nth time, but an additional option under this heading that could recognize groups of duplicates and apply the rule to only those would be very useful.

If I can get this feature, I might well leave off seconds and use a naming convention that only goes down to the hour or minute rather than seconds.

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  • Nicram

    Nicram - 2013-11-06

    Agree. For me its very important too.
    Digikam use this string:
    Maybe you can use something similar?

    Last edit: Nicram 2013-11-06
  • adamlogan

    adamlogan - 2013-12-16

    Nicram, I'm using exiftool these days to rename my media files. But thanks for the suggestion! Hope Metamorphose takes this into account as this is arguably the first probable reason people might look for a batch renaming utility.


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