joker symbol in Shearch

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    many files I work with have difrent tags on them.
    these are surrounded by difrent symbols, mostly []
    now Windows shearch (yeah I knopw it's somewhat lame example) uses the *
    symbol as a joker in the shearches...

    thus typing *[*]* would/should find any files that has both the [ and the
    ]. in the file name... now what I would like to see would be a possiblity
    to shearch for:
    [*] or some other way to simply replace anything inbetween symbol1 and

    I am sorry if this is included in some way already, but I could not find
    this in the examples and I am having a hard time finding any forums or
    anything like that...
    I know that I have not looked for it in the help file (I just checked a
    little bit and not through the whole) and I too am sorry for that but I am
    too lazy to start reshearching everything about the program :P

    • ianaré

      ianaré - 2007-06-28

      Métamorphose uses regular expressions for pattern matching and replacement. These are a little harder to use, but allow for VERY powerful searches.

      To find only files/folders that have '[' and ']' in the name:
      In the picker pannel, check 'Reg-exp' and use the following filter: \[.+\]

      To replace the '[', ']', and all charcaters in between:
      In the - Main - pannel choose 'search' -> 'reg-expr' and use the same expression as above.

      Then 'file' -> 'save config' to save the settings for later use. Clear the path before saving the config so it won't always try to go to the same path.

      In regular expressions, the '[' and ']' are used to define a character set, so we need to escape them with '\'. The '.' matches any character. The '+' matches the preceeding character 1 or more times.

      Look under 'help' -> 'regular exprerssion' for a full reference.

      - ianaré


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