Save Time Format in Config?

Tim Musa
  • Tim Musa

    Tim Musa - 2008-05-04


    I just found Mmetamorphose and it is working great for me on OpenSuSE.  I'm using it to add the date to the name of all of my digital photos.  The only problem I have run into is that it will not correctly read the time format from my saved config.  I want it to default to 24HH.MM.SS, and the cfg file saves with that in the "timeFormat" line, but it always still uses just HH.MM.SS. I even tried putting in just HH.MM to see what would happen and it still uses HH.MM.SS.  So it looks like it is not using that line of the config for some reason.

    Any ideas?


    • ianaré

      ianaré - 2008-05-04

      Oops. Download from SVN and reinstall for fix:

      $ svn co

      $ sudo make all


    • Tim Musa

      Tim Musa - 2008-05-11

      Thanks, that fix works does the job.

    • Tim Musa

      Tim Musa - 2008-07-19

      Well, I rebuilt my system and forgot to save the updated copy I downloaded, and now when I check-out from SVN I get error messages when loading every image in the interface.  It is trying to load the images from the Python, site-packages directory instead of from the metamorphose directory.  I'll try the co in a few days to see if I just caught it in the middle of a big change.


      • ianaré

        ianaré - 2008-07-21

        This has been fixed now. Would you be kind enough to see if there are any other bugs with the SVN? I would like to release current source as v 1.1.2


    • Tim Musa

      Tim Musa - 2008-08-03

      Sorry for the delay, finally got back to this.  After checking out the current version everything seems to be working good.


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