Renamer not working right...

Puffy C
  • Puffy C

    Puffy C - 2011-04-17

    I am trying to perform a "Remove Accents" on a bunch of files and folders and it worked on some the files but it did not work on other files or on the folders. I think I am at least Picking files (if not folders) right since an appropriate number of files seems to come up. Sometimes, I get it where there is absolutely no relation (as far as I can see) between the "Original Name" and the "New Name" when doing a preview, such as "1972-Nature-2801143823" and "Bec-Ferte 1994 Biochemistry-1678244364".

    I have a bunch of old EndNote libraries and associated PDFs from an old thesis and would like to back them up and share them but, unfortunately, I was oh-so-terribly clever and had the authors' names as a part of each filename and, unfortunately, this caused many accents/diacritical marks/foreign characters to be included in file names. Generally, they do give too much trouble, but the Windows search function doesn't find them always (it seems) and I run into huge problems trying to send it all to a zip file.

    I have tried it with and without recursion and with files and folder or just one, but I seem to be completely fouled up. I could send screenshots somewhere if that would help.

  • Brian

    Brian - 2011-04-26

    I am having a similar problem doing a mass rename. I'm trying to remove a common prefix from ~130 files, and the new filename has no relation to the old filename - it seems to be the name of a randomly selected other file, though the prefix is being removed. I even ran it once, assuming that it might be a display problem, but the files are indeed being renamed randomly.

    Needless to say, this severely limits the usefulness of the tool. 8-) Any help would be appreciated.


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