Linux (Ubuntu) install-many defects?

  • dosware

    dosware - 2008-08-23

    I installed the source code under Ubuntu Hardy- the GUI initiates OK.

    Unfortunately little else works in an intuitive manner.

    The "Main" screen seems to work OK- but "Numbering" and other tabs do not update the preview- - wow- completely useless. It does not update filenames.

    The GUI is not intuitive. I am an old and very experienced console user- and this program is not intuitive.

    I think a radical gui re-design is required to make Metamorphose intuitive. Yes, file renaming is complex-  I understand the complexity of the GUI.

    But maybe you could look at the Windows models (e.g., Bulk Renamer)

    I have donated money- your effort is very much appreciated and I wish you success.

    • dosware

      dosware - 2008-08-23

      After much experimentation I have determined how to use Metamorphose.

      Wow- the average user is not going to understand how to use this program.

      First,  you have to BROWSE with picker.

      The PROBLEM is you then have to

      1 Click on the Main tab

      AND then

      2.  click on yet another tab: sub-dir, numbering, date, etc.

      This is not clear or intuitive. One should not have to "ACTIVATE" a filed.

      It should already be "activated".

      • ianaré

        ianaré - 2008-08-28

        Try out version 2.x and let me know if you think the UI is better ...

        If 1.x works then just download the 2.x tar.gz, uncompress it and look at readme_en.html for instructions


        - ianaré

    • ianaré

      ianaré - 2008-08-28

      Thank you for your comments, and your generous donation, they are very much appreciated.

      Concerning the layout of the UI, it was a 'clean room' design, I did not want to copy an existing application's design philosophy. However it was developed within a professional environment and feedback from several people was received. These were users with limited computer experience, but that did need to rename a bunch of files every day with other applications. Once learning it it made their lives much easier :-)

      I will readily admit the learning curve can be a bit steep, but I have made very real efforts to keep the logic flow consistent throughout. Also, the use of saving parameters into config files is highly recomended. Finally I have attempted to make the help file as complete as possible.

      Now as far as 'intuitive', it seems some people just 'get' my logic better while others prefer other methods and layouts. Which is fine. There is plenty of room for other renaming applications !

      Regarding your years of console use : I'm not sure if you are starting out with Linux, but you might actually be more comfortable renaming on the command line ...  take a look at this (sorry if you are already familiar with this)


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