#991 Music is cut at the beginning of the turn



Fheroes2 version: 0.6.2931
Windows 7 Home Premium Edition SP1

Save: Great_Crusade_0007 music cut beginning turn.sav

Load: Great_Crusade_0007 music cut beginning turn.sav

Jojosh is selected.

Wait for the music to begin.

Click on the "End Turn" (hourglass) button.

Click on the "YES" button.

The music is cut.

Click on the "OKAY" button twice.

Move Jojosh to the mine.

The music is cut.

Also, when ingame you load a game the music should change when the file selector is displayed (it should be the same as when you launch the game).

Therefore when you load a game, the music is cut abruptly.

Generally, if the music must be stopped, it should fade gently.

Also, when you reload the save (the same), at the beginning of the turn, the Windmill gives different resources.

The resources should be "processed" for the next week, and should be saved in the save file (if/when the player save the game).

In original Heroes 2, many things are stored in this way, this should be generalised.

For example, if the player loads a save and does several times the same combat with exactly the same actions (moves, spells, etc.) the combat take place in exactly the same way (ai player moves and spells etc., same luck and morale occurrences).


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