#989 Sound cut at the end of combat



Fheroes2 version: 0.6.2931
Windows 7 Home Premium Edition SP1

Save: Great_Crusade_0007 orc sound cut.sav

Load: Great_Crusade_0007 orc sound cut.sav

Attack the Orc Chiefs.

Do nothing, the music stops after a while.

Some remarks on the animation.

The goblin movement speed is too slow, it also seems they make a big footstep, something is broken.

The troll shooting "ball" is not fast enough.

Wrong orcs animation when they shoot. In original Heroes 2, they do not lower their weapon when they shoot with the arrow.

In original Heroes 2, when a troop has the Haste spell, she moves faster on the battlefield.

Orcs sound is cut before end at the end of combat, you can not hear the end of the cry nor the body fall.

The music stops abruptly at the end of combat. In original Heroes 2, the music fades gently.

If you reload the save (the same) after every battle different skills are offered to the hero. In original Heroes 2 it's always the same skills which are offered.

I think the following skills proposals are "processed" for the next time the hero will level up just after the player make the choice, and it's saved in the save file (if/when the player save the game).


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