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Source control moves to GIT

Kelpie Flight Planner for Flightgear is now using GIT for source control. The CVS repository is no longer maintained and will be removed in coming days;

The source can now be browsed at and for other developer information see

Posted by Trevor Campbell 2010-09-26

Release 1.1.8 of Kelpie Flight Planner is now Available

This latest release adds support for the latest map data from Robin Peel, It also adds a couple of small features: Link to show airports in Google maps and zoom in the world map using the scrollwheel.

Posted by Trevor Campbell 2009-06-02

Release 1.1.7 Now Available.

This is a rebuild of the current source tree to make the packages compatible with Java 1.5 (the previous release required Java 1.6 which was not necessary)

Posted by Trevor Campbell 2008-12-10

Release 1.1.5 Now available

The latest release of the Kelpie flight planner for flightgear is available for download.
This is a minor feature upgrade release, introducing the ability to search for and add fixes to the plan. Improved export options and a fix for the zoom in and out functionality of the world map (It now stays centred when zooming)

Posted by Trevor Campbell 2007-05-08

Kelpie Flight Planner 1.1.4 Released

Release 1.1.4 adds the ability to manually add GPS waypoints to the plan, export the plan in multiple formats and to use magnetic bearings and a number of other small features.

Posted by Trevor Campbell 2007-02-21

Patch for missing ILS in Ver 1.1.3

Prior to the next release (1.1.4) I have uploaded a patch for the missing ILS bug on th airport map display and print.

The file is planner.jar and needs to be downloaded and copied to over the current 1.1.3 version at .../fgfp/plugins/

Posted by Trevor Campbell 2007-01-30