format changes in apt.dat

  • DonCorleone

    DonCorleone - 2009-04-23


    first a big praise. I use this tool for some time and I'm very happy about it.

    Now I want to use it with the very latest data, but Robin Peel slightly changed the format of apt.dat in the this years releases (2009):
    New rtypes e.g. 100 for runways, new arrangement of the runway-lines, etc.
    So fgfp finds the Airports ICAOs, but can't get any information about it, so all airports are shown at 00°00''00'S 00°00''00'W and the airport view is also empty.

    Maybe it's a case for the Tracker (feature request).

    Greets and thanks in advance

    • Trevor Campbell

      Trevor Campbell - 2009-05-20

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  As you can probably see, I haven't been very active on this project for a while, but I will now look into this.

    • Trevor Campbell

      Trevor Campbell - 2009-06-02

      I have uploaded a new release that will handle the new layout (as well as the old one).

    • DonCorleone

      DonCorleone - 2009-08-10


      thank you for working again on this project :). I love the new feature "View Airport in Google Maps"!
      I hadn't enough time for testing your new version until the last days. Now I noticed, that the display of some airports is more or less wrong. Here I give you some examples and hope, you maybe figure out the bugs in interpreting the apt.dat:
      EDDP, EDDM, KSFO, KIAD = runways correct, errors at taxiways and parking areas (I use version 200908XP861 - format version 850).
      Robin Peel created a very clear summary/file specification as a pdf that could be helpful ( "Data file formats").

      Greetings an thanks for this great project

    • Trevor Campbell

      Trevor Campbell - 2009-08-12

      Hi Don,

      Thanks for testing this.
      I had a good look through the code and found a couple of bugs in the way I handled the 850 data and have uploaded a new version.  I am not sure that all the Airports are quite right but certainly EDDP, EDDM, KSFO, KIAD now all look much better.  There is some ability to describe holes in the pavement (taxiways) which I am not handling at all, because I can't work out how to do it at the moment.  I need to work out somehow if the area is being described by clockwise or anti-clockwise coordinates which is all a bit to hard late at night.


      • DonCorleone

        DonCorleone - 2009-09-08


        the named airports look good :). I will report you, if I find other bigger display errors. Hope, you found some more sleepful nights to get your head level back for working out the describing direction of the pavement areas. Maybe Robin himself could help.
        Nice option to choose the preferred webbrobser (internal/external)! What do you think about an aircraft selection screen to not have to input aircraft flight characteristics everytime you change your plane (Sorry, it's off topic)?

        Greetings and thanks again

  • Trevor Campbell

    Trevor Campbell - 2009-09-15

    I have started work on aircraft selection screen, not much progress yet, but it is coming along.  I might need some help getting a list of initial aircraft characteristics ( cruise levels, climb rate etc. )  I thought it would be good to include all the basic aircraft that come as default with flightgear.

    I will let you know when I have the first version to show.


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