PB importing flightplan into flightgear

  • Nicolas BONNAND

    Nicolas BONNAND - 2003-10-23

    I've created a small flightplan with Kelpie Flight Planner, saved it into /tmp/myfirstflightplan.fpl and then tried to import it into Flightgear but without success.

    Here is the commande I've tried:

    fgfs --fg-root=/new3/FLIGHTGEAR/FlightGear-0.9.2 --flight-plan=/tmp/myfirstflightplan.fpl

    I couldn't find the answer into Kelpie FP user guide

    Please help.



    • Trevor Campbell

      Trevor Campbell - 2004-01-29

      Currently there is no way to actually immport the plan into flightgear.  It is just a plan.

    • Trevor Campbell

      Trevor Campbell - 2004-08-20

      This has been added as a feature in the latest release


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