How to set up FFsplit

Step 1: Install video and audio recording devices

To get started with testing, you need to ensure that you meet the requirements below:

  • Minimum quad-core CPU. (Intel Core 2 Quad, i5/i7 1st and 2nd
    generation, AMD Phenom II 955+/1055+, Bulldozer)
  • Directshow Screen Capturing Software VH Screen Capture,
  • Stereo Mix / Loopback Audio / Record What You Hear recording
    option available. Check: Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording.

Note: If you want to record your microphone as well as your speaker,
try using Virtual Audio Cable for now. I have record microphone
option disabled in FFsplit until I get a working solution.

Once you meet the above requirement, you need to obtain your FMS
Stream Link
. You can usually Google how to find them. I have listed
steps for two common streaming sites below:

For Justin.TV / Twitch.TV:

  • Go to http://www.twitch.tv/broadcast
  • Click Show Key button on top right
  • Your stream link will then be rtmp://live.justin.tv/app/ +

    Stream Key
    • Example: If your Stream Key is live_02279658_ZsTcXg, then
      your Stream Link will be

For Own3d.TV:

  • Go to own3d.tv, Profile - My Livestream - Edit
  • Scroll down to optain FMS URL and FMS Stream
  • Combine them to get your Stream Link
    • Example: If your FMS URL is rtmp://live.use.own3d.tv/live
      and your FMS Stream is taqattack_414634_zdg8493f9d, then
      your Stream URL will be

Step 3: Running the Application

  • Download general-build-0.3.0, extract and Run FFsplit.exe.

  • Select the appropriate propriate Video Source to record your

  • Select Stereo Mix option from Audio Source.

    • If you don’t see any, go to File -> Restart. If the problem
      still persists, please contact me.
  • Select your video bitrate in kbps.

    • 0 means there is no limit. Your streaming will probably stop if
      you keep it at this option. I recommend 75% of your maximum
      upload speed.
  • Select your video encoding preset level.

    • Default options autosets encoding level. The slower the encode
      level is lower the required upload speed is needed. However,
      this affects your CPU speed and cause your game to lag. Choose
      the level that you are most comfortable gaming with. This is for
      you to play around with.
  • Select your streaming resolution and framerate. Pretty straight

  • Select audio bitrate. Higher bitrate means better quality but
    there’s no noticeable increase in quality after 128kbps.
  • Select audio output channel. Leave it in Stereo for better
  • Enter your enter your Stream Link.
  • When you are ready, press Start. Note: The program should lock
    your GUI for a bit. You can turn on the Debug Console from
    Settings -> Enable Debug Console

Thank you very much for taking the time to install and test this application!

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