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Free FingerPrint Imaging Software / News: Recent posts


I'm going on vacation until June 20th 2004. I'll be doing more work on this project when I get back. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Stephen Pollei 2004-05-18

0.0.2 stuff is out; an2k is next on TODO

the base 0.0.2 stuff is out. This has most of the pure graphics related things in it. It doesn't have the minutae detector or the classifier yet. I am going to be working on the an2k stuff next, as I've gotten a few inquiries about that.

Posted by Stephen Pollei 2004-01-28

Getting close

I am still working on a lot of the different libraries and am getting close to having alpha level libraries and programs availible.
The image viewing/conversion part of the project should be out within a week tops. I just have to work on the utah raster part and then do slight intergration tweaks. I'll relase more tarballs then. For now cvs has more stuff, even though the stats say 0 committs, 0 addds, that really isn't true.
The other parts: mlp neural network, classifier, minutia detector is probably -- 1 week to a month a way.

Posted by Stephen Pollei 2004-01-16