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CrossFire official forum is now online.

CrossFire official forum is now online.

official forum url is


CrossFire Team

Posted by Trilex Labs 2010-07-14

* Crossfire 0.6beta (out-now !!!) *

Hi everyone,

After many months of coding i am pleased to announce, crossfire 0.6beta is now released on SourceForge.
It implements a ton of features, next to solving a dozen issues on some of the clients.
Check out the release notes or our forum for the full description.


Posted by Tony Tromp 2009-05-05

version 0.5.2 up for scheduling...!!!

Hi guys!,

After some days working back on the project, things are finaly shaping up for a next incremental release.

Fixed: Authorization error, when using protected DAAP libraries.
Added: new playlist routines, and player update.
Added: AJAX cache, so you only load a page once!!!


Posted by Tony Tromp 2009-03-05

*new* CrossFire support forum

Hello everyone,

Since CrossFire is hitting a stable amount of downloads, i've created a new support forum for regular related chitchat and support/installation questions.
new support forum (


Posted by Tony Tromp 2009-01-20

version 0.5.1 (coming sooon!!!)

Hi guys,

After suffering from severe computer problems, I am back on track for release 0.5.1.

The main two features of this release include:
* Support for any filetype
* Brokenstream fix (occurs on some NAS devices).

More information on the release will follow soon.


Posted by Tony Tromp 2008-08-08

Broken stream *FIX*

Hi guys,

Since the initial release of Crossfire, i stumbled on some odd-streaming behaviour when using lower specced embedded machines. However version 0.4.1 did contain a workaround, it seems that i've finally found a proper solution.
I will still need todo some heavy testing before i can fully 'release' this fix, but if you already want to try it out... send me an email: tony.tromp(at)

Posted by Tony Tromp 2008-05-29

version 0.5.0 released

Hi everybody,

After some weeks of coding and bugfixing, i can finally announce the release of Crossfire version 0.5.0! I added support of jPint which is a neat UI library created by Journix, giving it a nice native look-and-feel (which also works on Firefox).


Posted by Tony Tromp 2008-03-31

version 0.4.5 released

Hi guys,

Today i proudly present to you Crossfire release 0.4.5. This version has been a major change since previous versions as a lot of new features have been added.

Crossfire now features a native DMAP parser (which can output both XML and JSON). Next to this the templating and browser recognizion engine's have been fully implemented. Using the config.xml file, you can add your own templates based on any known user-agent. Code has been completly cleaned-up :) well.. most of it anyway, and Internet Explorer is now officially supported too ;)... read more

Posted by Tony Tromp 2008-03-16

version 0.5.0 in progress

I currently started the development of Crossfire release 0.5.0 which will include some stunning features. The main role of release 0.5.0 will be the implementation of an PHP based DAAP parser. This will enable you to use iTunes or any other type of DAAP server instead of Firefly only.

Posted by Tony Tromp 2008-02-21

version 0.4.1 released

I currently released version 0.4.1, which now enables direct streaming using an crafted php proxy class. It does work fine on the windows build of Firefly svn-1696, however using this setting causes some havoc on embedded systems (causing the infamous broken stream). If you are having trouble please set the bool_use_internal_cache=false using the index.html file.

Tony Tromp

Posted by Tony Tromp 2008-02-21