Will FFFF on Cell provide world peace?

  • mozreactor

    mozreactor - 2005-08-08

    I really enjoy FFFF.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do on the Cell architecture!

    One question, why do the GPU calculated fractals need to be rendered in such a garish manner?  Is there some reason that they cannot be rendered in the same format as the other calculation methods?


    • Daniele Paccaloni

      Hello Matt,

      Sorry for the delay in replying.

      A Cell version would be a nice experiment.
      Too bad I don't have a Cell machine... yet.
      I don't think Steve is going to release a Cell Mac _and_ an Intel Mac, but who knows.. though we'll soon have the next Cell-powered game-consoles wave ;)

      GPU fractals are so "weird" since all points are calculated with maximum iters. This is because FFFF has not yet got a GPU calc routine using branches (new feature of newer GPUs only) and the color is calculated as a function of the final complex result.


    • wi2fish

      wi2fish - 2007-08-04

      Is this still a topic? I think there are more people who would offer their Playstation linux to developpers... If you'd like, I could my PS3 make available over ssh for a while. I have yet to think about how (it's behind a router), but it will work. Of course, graphics will be slow (around 50 kbytes/s).


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