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#350 Ffdshow licening


We are developing a commercial software solution and we’d like to bundle ffdshow filter with the installation package, as we use ffdshow to show videos in our software. Basically:
- Ffdshow is a necessary to play video files in our software
- Our software is a Windows application (fat client), which is installed locally to end-user’s computer
- We plan to use ffdshow AS IS, without any modifications - as a separate work.
- Ffdshow is not integrated or merged with our software. It’s an independent and separate executable file at the installation package

How ffdshow communicates with our software?
- The actual communication takes place between DirectShow and ffdshow. DirectShow gets the memory address and position of the window where the video is. At the end, ffdshow is responsible for decoding the image at the right position to show the video.

Now, ffdshow is licenced under GPL.
- If at all and how we could use ffdshow in our software and how we should package it? What kind of licening model we should use?
Our target is to 1) sell our software without any quantity or regional restrictions 2) not to license it (our software) under GPL


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