that's magic! tnx alot.

  i tried adding resolution, and it worked for me too.

  but now i'm back to my old problem, frame textures i'm getting from DShow are not pixel-exact, some filtering has occured. i'm using frame textures for chroma key effect (put DShow in renderless mode, then apply simple chroma key pixel shader while rendering), so problem (filtering) is messing up the edges...

  funny thing is that i get this for newly created MPNG movie, but for RGB uncompressed everything is fine. i guess this means that all global filtering options are turned off (because RGB uncompressed is working fine), and some local MPNG option is turned on?

  i tried setting "no aspect ratio correction" and "keep original aspect ratio", but results are the same... in both cases MPNG has green (that is my chroma key color) edges, and RGB uncompressed is presented pixel-exact (no filtering - no edges).

  if i turn resize on (640x480), all my movies (both RBG uncompressed and MPNG) are presenting green edges - which is what i expected. this test shows that ffdshow gets involved into filtering process.

  do you have any idea what could cause additional filtering to occur for MPNG videos?

  best regards,


Wednesday, December 7, 2005, 6:37:13 AM, you wrote:


> > mencoder "mf://*.png" -mf fps=0.25:type=png -ffourcc MPNG -ovc copy -nosound -o result.avi

> Please forgot my previous message, I was able to create sample file

> using my old mencoder build. However, to make file playable I had to

> add "w=320:h=240" (resolution of my input images) to -mf options,

> because without these options mencoder stored zero resolution in video

> info header.