FFD Show Tryout Audio Output Setting help

  • Howard

    Howard - 2012-09-07

    can someone answer me this. the wiki on FFDshow  Tryout is no where near complete.

    1. the audio bit depth settings like 16/24/32 bit under the "output format for uncompressed or decoded stream" only affects none bit stream formats right? in another word, selecting 16 bit or 24 bit here won't affect the bit depth of the TrueHD, or DTS-MA's bit depth, provided if i am bit streaming these two formats to my receiver correct?

    i believe i have my FFDshow audio configured corrected. i get the correct TrueHD signal and DTS-MA signal on my Pioneer VSX1121 front panel. but i just want to make sure that changing the  bit depth setting won't affect the bit depth of those streams that are bit streamed to the receiver.

    2. THe windows audio configuration bit depth 16/24/32 bit setting only affects none bit stream situation correct? in another words, it won't affect the TrueHD, DTS-MA, provided if i have to bit stream directly to my receiver right?

    3. How does FFDShow audio output's bit depth play with windows' internal audio bit depth when it comes to none bit stream situations like playing an FLAC movie that FFDshow decodes by itself. what would be the best bit depth setting for FFDshow  and windows internal audio bit depth setting for FLAC movies. for example, if i select 24bit in FFDshow and play a FLAC movie, will FFDshow convert that to 24bit? will windows convert that to 24bit if i select 24bit in windows audio setting? and if i have both 16bit and 24bit selected in FFDshow, will FFDshow output 16bit for 16bit source, or will it convert it to 24bit, like what takes priority.

  • clsid

    clsid - 2012-09-08

    The settings only apply to decoding. Bitstreaming means the compressed audio is passed through as is.

    No unnecessary conversions are done. It picks the bitdepth that best matches the output of the decoder. So 16bit stays 16bit.


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